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Examination System & Evaluation

There will be half yearly and a final examination of 100 marks per subject, before half yearly examination there will be 20 marks unit test the marks secured in the unit test will be added to the Half-Yearly examination and therefore, be marked out of 100 per subject in the report cards. Ranks will be given only to those students who score a minimum of 40% in each subject. We have introduced honour certificates according to the following criterion:
1st Rank
2nd Rank
3rd Rank

Highest in Subjects- English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Study
When required parents are notified of their child’s deficiency by a special printed slip which should be signed and returned. For each examination students will be prepared in the class through continuous evaluation process when the class tests/surprise tests will be taken from time to time. Through proper questioning method and aural work students will be encouraged for regularity of work improvement and reflection will be encouraged whereas rote learning is discouraged before the examinations. From the very beginning of the academic session, the habit to do studies on regular basis at home to be instilled in a child. Students completely relying on the revision work done in the class before each examination, needs to work hard throughout the term to secure honours/distinction, as REVISION of syllabus before each examination will not be mandatory. The child must understand the subject matter/context thoroughly. Any question relating to the lessons/chapters may not necessarily be asked from the questions given at the back of each lesson but also from the lesson/chapters as a whole.

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